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About Us


I joined USCAP’s Foundation Committee out of a sense of gratitude – for the opportunity to give back to a great organization, and to our pathology community, for my wonderful mentors, and for the people who made a difference in my pathology education, and for the chance to get to know USCAP’s diverse community of pathologists.  

USCAP Foundation’s pillars of fostering the next generation of pathologists, promoting global health, and innovating education are more than just words – they are the founding guidelines for everything we do. USCAP’s Foundation supports pathologists-in-training with travel grants to attend the Annual Meeting; subsides discounts on eLearning courses to pathologists in low resource countries; and invites and funds the travel and education of our Global Partners in low resource countries so they can join us at our Annual Meeting.  

We’d love for you to join us by making a donation today. Working together we can make a better world for all pathologists, and through them, provide the best of care to our patients around the world who depend on our knowledge and abilities. 

Thank you,  

Dr. Henry Tazelaar, Chair, USCAP Foundation Committee  


Our mission is to help build a better community by Fostering the Next Generation of Pathologists, Innovating Education and Promoting Global Health 

The Foundation 

Since 2009, USCAP Foundation has been working to improve global health outcomes. As the philanthropic arm of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, USCAP Foundation supports access to knowledge across the world. 

Effective Outreach 

Every year USCAP Foundation provides travel awards to pathologists from low resource countries and Pathologists-in-Training to USCAP’s Annual Meeting. Here are they are able to facilitate new relationships and further their education. 

Giving Back 

From Africa to Asia, Europe to South America, pathologists from around the globe feel the need to support their colleagues. We believe that by caring for our fellow pathologists, we expand and strengthen our global community. We aim to unite our Global Partners and create new opportunities for those who need it the most.  


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