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Cubed Campaign Donors

Combining a desirable location with cutting-edge technology, USCAP’s Linder Learning Center and Powers-Sanchez Interactive Center are revolutionizing the way we learn and communicate.

In addition to our naming donors – Dr. Celeste N. Powers, Dr. Miguel Sanchez, and Dr. James and Karen Linder, the following donors have made contributions of $1,500 or more to the construction of USCAP’s Interactive Learning Center.


Interactive Center: 
  • Two laboratories, each with an 18-head microscope, high-definition camera, viewing microscopes
  • Ultrasound equipment for interventional cytology
Learning Center:
  • A broadcast television studio and digital program development for mentoring, advanced education, and global outreach (targeted primarily to low resource countries)

20 INCH CUBE SPONSORS (Donations of $2500 or more)

David B. Kaminsky, MD, FIAC

Linda Ferrell in Memory of Sir RNM Mac Sween

Paul M. Lewin

John P. Monahan

Steven & Elizabeth Billings

Martha Bishop Pitman, MD

Sylvia L. Asa, MD, PhD

In Memory of Rachel and Leo Damski

Sharon Weiss, MD

Ethan Kaminsky

Mrs. Tina M. Fuller & Gregory N. Fuller, MD, PhD

Alexander & Victoria Lazar

Britt-Marie Ljung, MD, FIAC

Anonymous Donor – in Honor of Dr. Robert E. Scully

16 INCH CUBE SPONSORS (Donations of $2000 or more)

Julia A. Bridge, MD

Lester D. R. Thompson, MD

David Grignon, MD

Anonymous Donor – In Memory of Dr. Rodger C. Haggitt

Dr. David B. Kaminsky in Honor of Laura W. Lamps, MD

Anonymous Donor – In Honor of Dr. George F. Gray, Jr.

Henry D. Tazelaar, MD

In Memory of Richard E. Billings

Christopher P. Crum, MD

Pallavi A. Patil MD in honor of Dolores and Ronald A. DeLellis MD

Pallavi A. Patil MD in honor of Asmita and John R. Goldblum MD

Pallavi A. Patil, MD in memory of Ashok B. Patil and Bhaurao S. Patil

12 INCH CUBE SPONSORS (Donations of $1500 or more)

Christopher D. M. Fletcher, MD

Marc Ladanyi & Maureen F. Zakowsky

Dr. Martin & Marilyn Lipschultz

Sandy & Gene Siegal, MD

Glenn & Catherine Ketcham

Jonathan Epstein, MD

Wendy L. Frankel, MD

Marwan Antoine Yared, MD


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